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A bit in the same way we look at the gaming market, which suggested that once it opens, the effect will be to the stabbing by the embankments of the Rhine at high water comparable. Politicians keep us that and of course the addiction institutes, who would want to have on hand for a new wave of customers to absorb more.

Budget Rupert Murdoch bought Revise Live to to earn good money. Via Pay-Tv and sports betting That at least I read in an article by my esteemed colleague Willem van Port on Gaming In Holland, also acquired by with the interesting thesis that what succeeds in England they also can in our country.

But would this reality as the Netherlands sports betting market open throws such as Germany does (albeit limited) and as in many European countries already reality. I have a bit of my doubts and that's because I have studied me at this point in our political ideas. I'm so free (naive, if you will) just to assume that the political parties closer to the supporters of their ideology, not to use that big word stand than we often think.

We have a pretty centerpiece with liberal DVD and D66 but the majority is still just old- fashioned left or right oriented, or in this context rather, socialist, Catholic or Protestant. I think a good majority of our people are still feeling akin to one of those schools, practicing or not.

In a long series on the future of gambling in the Netherlands, written some years back, I have already explained that put the Socialists and the believers were together fine in their mutual dislike of gambling.

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