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Betting on Formula 1 this season become much more exciting. Season 2011 is full of new rules, applications and innovations that lead the races are more exciting than they already were. Here are some important changes this season are applied: The KERNS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is back with a vengeance. Was introduced for the first time in 2009 and in 2010 it is still prohibited, but now it's back.

This innovative system ensures that the energy released during braking of a Formula 1 car is stored and transformed into additional horsepower during acceleration or acceleration of the car. About 80 additional hp per round are available by KERNS and this for 6 seconds per lap.

Because of the green label that bears his KERNS almost all racing stables in favor of this system. Outside the new arrived last season teams Lotus, Hispania and Virgin Racing all teams apply this system. The adjustable rear wing is designed to be easier to get an opponent.

Previously, it was so that the aerodynamics of a predecessor caused overtaking was very difficult. This was because, because of the aerodynamic interference of the pastor was almost impossible to end up making overtaking, certainly was virtually impossible for an equivalent formula 1 car. In the slipstream It now appears that the adjustable rear wing for much excitement and thrilling overtaking maneuvers!

The gearbox should last five races in the new regulations. Previously this was four races. The 107% rule has to do with the qualification. If a driver is slower than 107% of the fastest lap in Q1 i.e. qualifying session.

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There are more than thousand websites available on the web and you shall take care to join only safe website in order to bet safely. If you are a beginner and you want to bet online through the online sports betting sites then first of all you need to look for a good betting site on the web.